“Kat” Using the ‘Zorn Palette’

I really love painting with the Zorn Palette. It’s simple and has the required three primaries, though slightly different. It’s nuanced, meaning I can get a variety of colors and values. And it’s BEAUTIFUL.

The Zorn palette is composed of Yellow Ochre, Vermillion, Black, and White. In a self portrait Zorn famously showed the palette of colors he used, and therefore the name, “Zorn Palette” has been ascribed to him.

It most likely was not the only set of colors he used but he was known, as were other painters (John Singer Sargent was also known to have used this limited palette as well), to use a limited scope of colors.  In this palette of colors black replaces blue.

One of my early teachers, Aaron Westerberg, made a great chart showing off the Zorn Palette.

You can see how wonderful and broad the colors are going from highly chromatic to tints and shades.

In this short YouTube video (under 2 minutes) you will see a start to finish painting I did this past weekend of a model named, Kat. (Yup…..her hair really is lavender, grey, and black)

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Black Bear Skull

Black Bear Skull

Black Bear Skull

I love drawing skulls. Especially animal skulls. They are hard to draw because the values are so close in the lights and darks, but that’s what I love about them. That, and they are so architectural. As I draw them I can almost feel the muscles and tendons building up on the bone scaffolding.

Here is a timed drawing YouTube video of a bear skull which I recently completed. Enjoy it and I hope you will consider sharing it and subscribing to my YouTube Channel.