When All Else Fails……

run away

I know….It sounds so lame to run away. Kind of kid like. But having worked months to finish a project I was SERIOUSLY burned out and never wanted to see another paint brush, studio, art book, museum, again……..Or at least for a good, long while.

So for about 3 weeks I sort of took off, but not really. I went in to my studio to do some work, but every chance I got I would leave and watch Spanish soap opera type stories on Netflix. I loved the happy endings but it didn’t help my mood. I washed dishes, did laundry, hiked the mountain. Normal, daily stuff (except for the Netflix binge watching). But I was still encased in my house/studio. And the more I sat the harder it was for me to break away.

So I moved to working in my garden and cleaning the chicken coop. Better. But still burned out.

Then my in-box announced a workshop/lecture that was totally un-art related. I didn’t have to create anything, only listen. OK, sounds really good. My brain could rest……So I put an orange star next to the email to remind me it’s something I’m considering. When the day arrived I could feel myself melting in to my chair and thinking all kinds of excuses. I had to fight the rather strong urge to just stay where I was. ┬áBut if like begets like, this was begetting me nowhere!! I HAD to get up and get out.

So I did! And it was fantastic to be free of the bindings I was composing in my head. And for good measure I took a second day to do more things away from my studio. By day 3 I was refreshed and ready to go back to work. Yay! Finally!!!

My take-away from this is that I MUST take time away to run away and do things that are un-art related, out of my house, and enjoyable on a regular basis. And I have to do this without feeling guilty which is what starts the whole dilemma in the first place. This is a serious, ‘note to self’. Feeling guilty about not wanting to work, and then trying to work, and then working badly, will only work for just so long. At some point, guilt be damned. One has to just leave!!

So running away is not going to be a scheduled event, but it will happen when ever I need it and without inner thoughts voicing their critique that I’m really just ‘lazy’. Can I hear an AMEN to that?! Yup…..I hear you!!!!